Wide viewing angle LCD Module

2017-5-4 Vister: 1660

Today's digital products on the LCD module is an increasing demand, not only the perspective of width and contrast, more brightness of the LCD module

IPS is unique, compared to other panel technologies (such as TN panels, and VA panel), is not pre-orientation of liquid crystal molecules become translucent mode, but directed the opaque mode, opaque with the liquid crystal molecules orientation direction perpendicular to the electrode decisions, the higher the voltage, more reversing molecules, in order to achieve the precise control of light. The only control a deflection angle of the IPS LCD panel, and the deflection of the number of molecules close to direct proportion with the voltage, so that the panel level control is easier to achieve.

In order to widen the viewing angle, the liquid crystal molecules of the basic module is a V-shaped, and the liquid crystal molecules with the vertical panel, light and easy to control within the panel, thus leaked the situation less. In the motion picture, it can perform better and achieve better contrast.

IPS screen possesses a clear, ultra-stable dynamic display, depending on the level of its innovative conversion molecular arrangement, change the VA soft screen perpendicular to the molecular arrangement, and thus has a more robust and stable liquid crystal structure.
On this basis, we developed the IPS LCD high-brightness display module, it has a wide viewing angle, high contrast, and other advantages.

LCD Module with In-Plane Switching (flat conversion IPS) liquid crystal display, module wide viewing angle display.
①, compared to other panel technology (such as TN panels and VA panel), contrast (the 500), showing colorful; 
②, compared to other panel technologies (such as TN panels, and VA panel), wide angle (this product is wide viewing angle, viewing angle range 80/80/80/80);

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