Wide viewing angle, high brightness LCD module

2017-5-4 Vister: 1766

With the continuous development of the mobile phone industry, the TFT mobile phone LCD module, light and thin, high-resolution, high brightness, wide viewing angle, fast response and the development of modern mobile communications and mobile phones and other portable productstrend, for which it has developed a multi-domain vertical orientation film field-effect transistor TFT LCD screen. Devices in multi-domain vertical orientation (MVA), the upper and lower substrates, small bumps, the vertical orientation of the liquid crystal molecules, since the partial piece with each other perpendicular to the direction of the polarizer film when the applied voltage, raised a tilted field, so that the liquid crystal molecules deviate from the vertical direction, such as small bumps for the tetrahedron, the liquid crystal molecules are tilted to the four directions, similar to the formation of four domains; such as small bumps for the triangular cylinder, the liquid crystal molecules tilt in both directions, similar to the formation of two domain, so with increasing electric field, the transmission rate increased due to the small bumps on the substrate to form a multi-quadrant, resulting in a wide viewing angle display. However, due to its light transmittance is very small, resulting in the customers had a choice in the wide viewing angle and high brightness end, we developed a multi-domain vertical orientation (MVA) LCD high-brightness display module, it has a wide viewing angle, high contrast, brightness, etc..

LCD module using a multi-domain vertical orientation (MVA) LCD screen, wide viewing angle display of modules. Backlight 3M RP2 film to improve the light transmittance of glass, and 3M ESR reflective film to improve the high reflection efficiency. Nitto original film polarizers, glass transmittance, so as to achieve a highlighting effect.

①, compared with the ordinary thin-film field-effect transistor module (TFT-LCM), contrast (the 500), showing colorful;
②, compared with ordinary TFT-LCM, wide angle (This product is a wide viewing angle perspective of the scope of 80/80/80/80);
③, the product of the ordinary wide viewing angle, high brightness (average luminance of 500)

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