Enterprise Culture Association came to successful ending

2017-5-4 Vister: 1675

     Enterprise culture is the soul of company, is the driving force to its development, also the values and behavior norms between enterprises and employees. On May 28, 2016,XINLI along with Zhejiang Bili Packaging Co., Ltd hold successful ending of XINLI & BILI culture association on the 8th floor in the new production base.

    The difference from previous one, this association paid more attention to the culture and communication. <Brainstorming> discussed four typical problems in the work and life between the company and employees: worker using wasted materials and hand-made desks, releasing bad mood and complains in Wechat about work but with "real-name", conflict between fixed training and business travel for the salesman, unbalanced psychology and interests contradictions when facing personal leave with payment deducted but along with overtime finishing work. Brainstorming spirited everyone to open minds, confront their own problems and thought how to improve those problems. Group recitation <Corporate culture theory > and <To grow together with enterprise culture> told three employees experience and stories, these reflected employees` agreement on enterprise culture and rose the sense of honor and belonging to the enterprise.  <6S and interesting knowledge competition> deepened awareness of the importance of 6S and all staff participation to it.Musical, dance, game mobilized atmosphere and motivation of the fraternity scene. 

    Growing together with the enterprise culture is the most noble profession mission for every employee. Open new color vision, strive for excellence!

                                                                                             (XINLI REPORT)

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